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Guava Wood Smoked Sea Salt

Hawaii, USA

Guava Wood Smoked Sea Salt Product Description

Guava Wood Smoked Sea SaltWhile very different from Danish Viking Smoked Sea Salt, Guava Wood Smoked Sea Salt combines the artisanal, unique qualities that we look for in a sea salt, pepper, or sugar product.  Guava Wood Smoked Sea Salt is made by hand by one man from Hawaii with care and passion.  It is fine and soft, like brown sugar, with a pure mellow smoke flavor.  With a suggestion of sweetness, there is no bitterness or sulfurous aftertaste in this Guava Wood Smoked Sea Salt.  Chef Michael (the one man in the world who creates guava wood smoked sea salt) starts with hand-harvested, solar dried sea salt, which he then slowly cool smokes over his native guava wood.
We are captivated by this Pacific Rim Salt's subtle smoke and soft texture and use it on many foods.  We are excited to share our ideas and for you to experiment.  Use Guava Wood Smoked Sea Salt the next time you grill salmon.  If you love burgers, this will enhance, especially turkey burgers.  Rub this smoked salt on chicken and roast.  Sprinkle on eggs cooked over light with home fries. Finish creamy risotto.  Mix with ginger, toasted sesame oil, a touch of soy and use for dipping.  However you enjoy Guava Wood Smoked Sea Salt, relax and chill out.  On the beach if you are able!

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Product Reviews

  1. Not Impresses

    Posted by Sam Marks on 11th Dec 2013

    I guess I either don't know how to use this salt or I'm just spoiled on the Danish Smoked Sea Salt. This salt looks like fine dirty sand and smells like it too. I was not impressed with the flavor it gave my meats or other foods. It is probably an aquired taste or has to be used in specialty dishes the proper way. To be sure, I am no novice in the cooking dept.

  2. Subtle, fruity, smokey flavor

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Aug 2013

    Delightful mild smoke flavor with hint of fruit. I've been using it instead of regular salt to perk up the flavor

  3. Absolutely yummy guava salt sandwich recipe

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Feb 2011

    This is the best sandwich ever!
    Tuscan bakery sandwich bread
    5yr cheddar chz ( I like the black label cracker barrel brand)
    green granny smith apples sliced
    and....GUAVA WOOD SMOKED SEA SALT sprinkled
    put it together and cook in a panani sandwich maker.
    Delish!! :)

  4. omg omg 0mg

    Posted by Ben on 22nd May 2010

    Seriously! Everything going on my grill this summer is not coming off until it gets a sprinkle of this Guava salt!