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Himalayan Pink Salt


Himalayan Pink Salt Product Description

himalayan pink salt

Our Himalayan Pink Salt is a pure, strikingly beautiful dark pink salt. While the Himalayan mountains stretch from Asia to India, passing through Pakistan, Nepal and Myanmar.  The dark pink salt that we carry, unlike the ubiquitous lighter Himalayan Pink Salt varieties, can only be found in a few mines in Pakistan. This natural salt looks as beautiful on food as it does on your table in a bowl, a salt shaker, or salt mill.

The Himalayan Pink Salt crystals we carry are naturally occurring, found deep within the Himalayan Mountains. In Pakistan, the men who mine these salt crystals use the “room and pillar” method of salt mining. When one area is mined for its salt crystals, another area similar in size and nearby is left untouched, as a pillar, which supports the roof of the mine itself.

The colors of Himalayan Pink Salt range from very light pink to deep red. The deeper the colors in the salt, the higher the mineral content measures. Our Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals are in the dark pink range.  The Himalayan Pink Salt that we carry contains 84 trace minerals, including iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, bromide, strontium and fluoride, among others.

This is a very high mineral salt with many health benefits. Dark Himalayan pink salt crystals are said to help restore balance to one’s electrolytes, balance the body’s pH and reduce acid reflux, and lower blood pressure. We have sampled many Himalayan Pink Salts and came back to the line we carry as the product with the highest quality, best color, and purest flavor.

Unlike softer sea salts, Himalayan Pink Salt has a nice firm crunch. It is an ideal salt for everyday use. We offer this product in two grains: fine grain and coarse grain; each has a best way to be used. For example, the fine grain salt is perfect in a shaker, a bowl, or for use in cooking by the stove. Our coarse grain salt is wonderful when used in a salt mill for use at the table.  With no harsh or bitter taste, the flavor of Himalayan Pink Salt is soft and gentle, with a touch of sweetness. This particular salt tastes wonderful on many foods – there’s no danger of overpowering your foods with salty flavor when you use these Himalayan pink salt crystals in your cooking and flavoring your foods.

In both fine and coarse grinds, we offer this Himalayan pink salt in containers ranging from four ounces to a 10 pound bag for bulk usage.

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  1. five star pink salt a winner

    Posted by Judy B on 8th Oct 2010

    The most unique pink salt ever! Sweet,delicate,salty it improves anything you put it on. A must try for any foodie.

  2. great

    Posted by matthew on 8th Oct 2010

    i really like this salt it has a great flavor and helps with my blood pressure, I take a teaspoon in water twice a day. thank you

  3. Himalayan Pink Salt is great for everyday use

    Posted by Pamela on 15th Jun 2010

    I use this healthy salt on everything. The fine works nicely in my salt shaker, which I just keep next to my stove or on my table top. The Pink Himalayan Salt is beautiful, and tastes delicious!

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