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Red Onion and Cranberry Compote


by Chef Didi Davis

Makes about 4 cups

This dish is part sauce, part side dish. The idea came from my good friend Richard Kzirian 20 years ago. It was an ingenious dish and he was clearly ahead of his time, contrasting the sweetness of well-cooked onion with the sharpness of fresh cranberry, which has since become a classic. May be made ahead and reheated.

4 tablespoons unsalted butter
6 red onions, about 3 to 4 pounds total, cut into 1/8-inch slices
Sea Salt such as Bay of Fundy or Sel Gris
Freshly ground black pepper, such as Tellicherry or Comet's Tail
1 bag (12 oz) fresh cranberries

Melt butter in a large sauté pan over low heat. Add onions, toss in butter to coat, season with sea salt and pepper. Sauté onions until soft and sweet but not browned; about 30 minutes. Set aside or refrigerate until ready to use. When you are ready to serve, reheat onions and add cranberries, cook for 2 or 3 minutes to heat through. They should retain their shape and tartness. Correct seasonings and serve.

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