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Afar Salt Pearls


Afar Salt Pearls Product Description

Afar Salt Pearls from Djibouti, AfricaUnique, pure Afar Salt Pearls are one of nature’s most exquisite offerings. Naturally tumbled at the brines edge of Lake Assal in Djibouti, Africa, Afar Salt Pearls range in size from tiny beads to golf ball salt spheres. The flavor is pure and gentle, not harsh or bitter. The Extra Fine salt pearl is soft and crushes easily. The Fine salt pearl adds a delightful crunch as a finishing salt. The Petite and Perfect salt pearls may be used in a salt mill and the Mother salt pearl is used with a grater.

Afar Salt™ works with the Afar people to support them in the harvesting and marketing of their natural product. The Afar Salt Pearls are harvested from Lake Assal, the deepest point in Africa at 510 feet below sea level. It is blisteringly hot with strong winds. The saltiness of the lake is because of its unique location. Occasional rains wash minerals from the surrounding mountains into the lake, but much of the salinity comes from sea water running through cracks in the land mass separating Lake Assal from the Red Sea (Gulf of Tadjourah). As there is no river feeding the lake, the seawater in the lake evaporates and forms a salt crust about 250 feet thick over a portion of the lake. Lake Assal is one of the saltiest bodies of water on earth, even saliter than the Dead Sea.

Use Afar Salt Pearls as an everyday salt in cooking and as a finishing salt.

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Product Reviews

  1. Strange and beautiful salt

    Posted by Tom on 13th May 2013

    These salt pearls are really interesting. They have a sea salt like taste but not too bitter. They are perfectly white which probably means that most of the bitterns have been crushed out from the smaller crystals as the wind and waves consolidated the salt into small pearls. This gives it the sea salt like taste without the bitter or metallic flavors. I have visited a lot of salt plants professionally over the world and can say this is the only naturally occurring round salt I have ever seen.

  2. Afar Salt Pearls from Djibouti are AWESOME!

    Posted by Hannah Buter on 7th Sep 2010

    I love these sea salt pearls! They are so unique, and the salt taste is delightful. I will definitely be giving Salt Traders Afar Salt Pearls for gifts this Christmas!

  3. I love these Salt Traders Afar Salt Pearls!

    Posted by Ed on 27th Jul 2010

    These pearls are so fun, I've never seen anything like them! The Mother size in particular are really astounding.

    Way to go, Salt Traders! You've added another really cool and unique gourmet sea salt to your vast collection of artisan products. Nicely done!

  4. How fun and adorable these lovely Afar Pearls!

    Posted by Kerrie Kirkbride on 6th Jul 2010

    We received our order of all five sizes a few days ago and couldn't be more excited to add these little gems to our salt collection. Tonight, we are serving a sauteed fish in brown butter sauce and passing the large "Mother" Pearls to grate over it. The Petite Pearls are so cute in a dish on the table, just for fun, but we will put them in a grinder to use for special occasions. We have been pleased with all of our orders from Salt Traders, and look forward to more new and interesting additions to their, and our, collection!