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Pumpkin Cakes

For those of you who may not care for potatoes, here is a pancake made with pumpkin. The grated pumpkin is seasoned with nutmeg and rosemary. Change up these seasoning as you like, just make sure the pancakes are finished with a dusting of Parmesan cheese.These may also be made with a winter squash, such [...]

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Stuffed Tomatoes Agrodolce

Agrodolce, sweet and sour, is a classic Italian blend of opposite flavors, sugar and vinegar, used for meats and vegetables. This is a freewheeling recipe meant to be tinkered with. Try adding cheese, cooked rice, spicy red pepper flakes, shredded prosciutto, cooked sausage or pancetta, anything you like.If you would like to add nuts, chop [...]

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Red, White, and Blue Anything You Want Stuffed Potatoes

This is easy living. Stuffed potatoes are fantastic for lazy weekend meals. These suggestions are for 2 people, but all the ingredients may easily be doubled or tripled to feed more people or to have leftovers; the favorite in our house. We have white, blue, and little reds at the farm this week so pick [...]

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Fennel Stuffed Red Bell Peppers

Perfect for a sunny afternoon meal or even brunch, these Provencal-inspired peppers are delectable hot, warm, or cold. All you need is a little salad and maybe some noodles or rice. You may switch up the ricotta and use a soft goat cheese if you like that or half ricotta, half goat cheese.We recommend making your [...]

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Smoky Creamy Stuffed Eggplant

A hint of smoke adds a mysterious edge to these feta-meat stuffed nightshades. Heavy cream a delightful richness. Change the meat and herbs to your liking. These make a fantastic main course; all you need is a salad of greens and maybe some egg noodles, gnocchi, or rice.2 medium eggplants, split in half lengthwiseolive oil1 [...]

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Peach Sangria

Celebrate the symbolic end of summer with this light, refreshing party favorite, Sangria. This version is made with white wine. If you prefer your Sangria with red wine, substitute a light, dry one. The peaches marinate in the brandy overnight and soak up all the goodness of the spirits. After sipping the punch, eat the [...]

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Butter! Compound Butters for Corn, Steaks, and Everything Else

For corn on the cob lovers, there is nothing better than slathering sweet butter over a steamy ear. Adding flavorings gives you multiple options. Known as compound butter (the French call them beurre compose), flavored butters are the secret yet simple behind the scene enhancer for all types of food. Take the basic formula below [...]

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Cherry Tomato Vinaigrette

Easy cooking with simple garnishes is a nice way to spend the weekend. This vinaigrette fits into that untroubled spirit, making a flavorful sauce or garnish for grilled seafood or meats or for salad, potatoes, or grains. The recipe may easily be doubled or tripled. Use regular cherry tomatoes or a mix of yellow, red, [...]

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We all love Pesto. It's so easy to slather on anything and is surprisingly perfect. Pesto's reach is well beyond it's humble origins as a pasta sauce and it is a condiment that doesn't mind being changed. Different nuts and herbs as well as tart additions of vinegar or lemon juice all have found their way into Pesto. Zhoug is [...]

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Pistachio Pesto

Makes 1 to 1 1/2 cupsPesto is the best quick sauce or garnish as it easily adds deep, rich flavor to any dish. Classically made with pignoli nuts, this version uses toasted pistachios. If pistachios are not your favorite or readily available, use hazelnuts, walnuts, or pecans. Whichever nut you decide to use, toast them [...]

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