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Grilled Summer Home Fries

This fun alternative to home fries combines grilled red potatoes, red onions and corn. The smoky vegetables are cut into large pieces when done and seasoned with garlic and herbs. This dish is particularly delicious with steak, sausages or egg dishes. Try them also with grilled poultry or fish. This is a bit of work, [...]

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Summer Chickpea Salad

With a summery Spanish feel, this marinated salad of chickpeas, corn, and tomatoes is dressed with sherry vinegar and orange-scented oil. Serve with lamb chops, pork tenderloin, chicken legs, shrimp, lobster, salmon, or burgers of any flavor. Orange oil is available in specialty food shops. However, orange zest can be used as a substitute.2 cups cooked [...]

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Ratatouille is a light Provencal medley of eggplant, onions, sweet peppers, zucchini and tomatoes. Enjoy with scrambled eggs or omelettes for breakfast or brunch, or for dinner with grilled or roasted meats, poultry or seafood. Typically served hot or at room temperature, Ratatouille is very refreshing on a blazing day with a good dose of [...]

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Peach & Tomato Salad

This unusual salad combines the voluptuous sweetness of peaches with the warm, just-picked flavor of summer tomatoes. Fennel contributes spiciness and toasted pecans add a welcome crunch. The salad is at its best when prepared with the juiciest fruit available at the peak of summer. If peaches are mealy, try substituting nectarines. Serve with fish, [...]

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Blueberry Pie

Even though the holidays are the premier time of year for pie baking, summer fruits are irresistible to tuck into a buttery crust. Cobblers and crisps are a bit faster, but there is nothing quite like a homemade pie with with fresh berries. You may make the pastry a day or two ahead of time [...]

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Homemade Boursin Cheese

Boursin Cheese originated in Normandy, France, known for its brown-spotted cows who produce rich, perfect-for-cheese-making milk. Nowadays, Boursin is made in the US, but its roots are unmistakably French. It is a very delicious and easy cheese to make. The original is made with butter, but this version is a bit lighter, made with cottage [...]

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Summer Roast - Onions & Curry

This dish makes a versatile side dish for any summer grilled food. If you would rather not turn on the oven, you may easily grill these onions and drizzle with the oil when done.4 onions from the farm with some green left on the stem, trimmed and cut in half lengthwise4 tablespoons olive oil, plus [...]

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Onion Dip

Making your own onion dip is both satisfying and amazing. It is one of those dishes that is so much better when homemade. You may cook the onions ahead and keep chilled until ready to serve. The dip comes together very quickly once the onion step is done. Serve with chips or vegetables.2 tablespoons unsalted [...]

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Carrot, Beet, and Cucumber with Ginger Dressing

Carrots are just in at the farm, beets are in full swing (white ones, too! Have you ever seen a white beet?), and little pickling cucumbers are starting to arrive. Time for a salad of paper thin slices of each, topped with a ginger dressing. Crunchy and refreshing, this perfect summer salad works well with [...]

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Basil & Prosciutto Wrapped Shrimp

Basil leaf perfumes the shrimp with its herbal quality and the prosciutto becomes slightly caramelized. Those flavors makes this easy dish irresistible. Jumbo shrimp makes a fantastic hors d’oeurve or appetizer. Or a nice light supper. If having for supper, serve with a salad or on a bed of dressed greens. If you would like [...]

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