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Asparagus Under the Broiler

Posted by Didi Davis on

Sometimes the simplest method is the best and this is one of those times. Heat broiler and cook for some delectable spring asparagus. Season with sea salt and you may eat the whole batch yourself.

We prefer the thicker stalks to the skinny pencil types. They have more meat and flavor.

Preheat the broiler and position a rack 4" from heat source.

Use 1-2 lbs asparagus.

Rinse, snap, and dry asparagus.

On a shallow cookie sheet with sides, toss the dry asparagus with a bit of olive oil and sea salt of choice. We like the Cornish Sea Salt for its crunch and clean flavor. 

Arrange in a single layer and broil 4" from the heat about 3 minutes. shake the cookie sheet so the asparagus rolls around and broil another 1-3 minutes or so, depending on thickness of asparagus.

Cool a few minutes and serve.

Recipe copyright Deirdre Davis 2016

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