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Danish Viking Smoked Sea SaltSalt Traders is proud to be the exclusive United States importer of Danish Viking Smoked Sea Salt. Danish Viking Smoked Sea Salt is made in a style devised by the Vikings, thanks to the efforts of one man in Denmark, who took it upon himself to rekindle this millennium-old tradition.  Danish Viking Smoked Sea Salt is produced by first evaporating seawater, then using a "fizzing" (evaporating) process, which takes place in a vessel over an open, smoky fire containing juniper, cherry, elm, beech and oak. "The resulting salt," according to the April 2002 issue of SAVEUR Magazine, "tastes like a bonfire."

Suggested Uses for Danish Viking Smoked Sea Sa:

  • Tossed Danish Viking Smoked Sea Salt with steamed vegetables, a bit of lemon juice and butter.
  • Use Danish Viking Smoked Sea Salt in creamed corn or corn chowder.
  • Sprinkle Danish Viking Smoked Sea Salt on savory tarts and quiches.
  • Sprinkle Danish Viking Smoked Sea Salt on any of your favorite egg preparations.
  • Sprinkle Danish Viking Smoked Sea Salt on baked or mashed potatoes.
  • Use Danish Viking Smoked Sea Salt in a Bloody Mary for a smoky twist on this classic cocktail.
  • Use Danish Viking Smoked Sea Salt as a dry rub - by itself on meats or as one of a combination of ingredients in a dry rub. For example, grind in a spice grinder equal parts smoked sea salt, sea salt and cumin seed, then dust the countertop with the resulting mixture. Dredge pieces of fresh ahi in the mixture before searing it.

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  1. A real true smoked aroma and taste 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Feb 2014

    Danish Viking Smoked Salt is a true and flavorful smoked salt. Very fresh and intense, this salt wakes up deep hidden feelings as it brings back memories of being outside with a roaring campfire. My customers tell me they have never smelled or tasted such a fresh, intense smoked flavor. A MARVELOUS SALT!!!!

  2. Great Stuff 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Dec 2013

    Nothink like it. VERY smoky. Compared with this, Maldon Smoked is barely tastable. A few grains is enough, which makes it worth the rather high price.

    I got a pound, which lasted several years. When I re-ordered, the new bottle was much livelier. Get it in the 1.5 oz. jar, or at most the 3.5 jar.

  3. Great but far to expensive 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Sep 2013

    I wanted to try this stuff because I LOVE the Maine Cherry Wood smoked sea salt so much (for the record the Maine is far more flavorful than the guava wood salt and well worth the extra expense). I therefore thought that the Danish salt must be even more amazing. I have to say considering the price difference (about 3 times the price) it is not worth the extra price to me.

    Hey maybe my pallet is not sophisticated enough or whatever but there is no way that this stuff is worth 3 times the price of the Maine smoke sea salt (and that is at 1.5 oz vs 3 oz forget about if you compare the price per 1 lb of the Maine vs the 1.5 oz of the Danish).

    I do realize that when you get to the sharp end of the stick that you often have to pay significantly more for the difference than you do for a product that is a little bit better more toward the middle. For example I know it will cost more for something that is say 90 out of 100 compared to say 95 out of 100 than you would pay for the same quantitative difference when the different is say 75 for the cheaper product and 80 for the more expensive product. I do expect to pay more in the first circumstance (and that is where we are with these products) . . . but when we are talking about 3 times the price the product needs to be much better than this product for me.

    Yes this salt is a little more flavorful than the Maine. It is also a little drier and crunchier. Both of those are great things . . . but again I can not possibly justify the difference in price. Again a great product but far too expensive for me. The cost vs quality is just not there for me. Judging from the other reviews I am in the minority here but that is my opinion.

    The bottom line is that we are talking about a relatively small amount of money for you to try it out yourself and if you are as culinarily (is that a word LOL) curious as I am try the product and judge it for yourself. I will not be purchasing this product again . . . but I am very glad I tried it.

  4. Bold, wonderful, crisp flavor 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Aug 2013

    Our favorite smoked salt. Bold flavor, perfectly balanced. Especially delicious sprinkled on fresh, ripe tomatoes. Also try it anywhere you'd use prosciutto-- paired with melon, for example.

  5. what us Man,without SALT 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th May 2013

    Salt,cant live or survive without IT..

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