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Enjoy our adventurous gourmet sea salts, salt blends, peppercorns, and sugars harvested by artisans around the globe. Featuring specialty, finishing, smoked, flake, sea, flavored, and rare salts ranging from the Fleur de Sel of France, to the White or Black Flake Salt from Cyprus, to our own hand-made salt blends, as well as salts from many other locations.

Try our exclusive, artisanal Danish Viking Smoked Sea Salt. It is truly a labor of love, smoked with a blend of hardwoods over an open fire. Tastes like a bonfire.

Also find Pink Himalayan Sea Salt in multiple forms: in bricks, plates, tiles, as well as fine and coarse grain.

You will not be disappointed in the renowned Parameswaran's Special Wynad Pepper, available in black and white. This pepper comes from a family-owned plantation in the Wynad (or Wayanad) District of Kerala, India. Organically grown, fully ripened, these peppercorns are spicy and rich.

Shop at Salt Traders to add magic and zest to your food every day. Make your meals extraordinary.