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About Salt Traders

Salt Traders began in 1998 and was central to the emergence of sea salt as a popular condiment. Salt Traders was the first to introduce artisanal sea salts to home and restaurant kitchens across the country.

About Chef Didi Davis, Owner of Salt Traders

Didi Davis is a chef, food writer, teacher, and editor. She began her training in 1972 with world-renowned chef, cooking teacher, and food writer Madeleine Kamman. Didi worked for Ms. Kamman for ten years teaching in her non-professional and professional cooking school, working at and managing her restaurant Chez La Mere Madeleine in Newton Centre, Massachusetts, and later, working at her cooking school in Annecy, France.

In 1982 Didi and her business partner Linda Marino opened their own cooking school, Cooking at The French Library, in Boston, Massachusetts. Their school was given a Best of Boston award by Boston Magazine, 1982, and featured in Bon Appetit magazine. While operating the school, Didi’s desire to write unfolded and she began writing for several food magazines and newspapers. The school was eventually closed so Linda could pursue catering and Didi could expand her writing. Didi’s food writing evolved into writing cookbooks. She authored A Fresh Look at Saucing Foods, which was nominated for an International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) Award, and Side Dishes Creative and Simple.

In addition to her own books, Didi became known as a chef with the knowledge and expertise to refine and create recipes. She began a side business of recipe development, testing, and editing for several important cookbooks. Among them are the 1997 revision of Joy of Cooking and the award-winning Zuni Cafe Cookbook, authored by Judy Rogers. Most recently, Didi worked on Molly Stevens' All About Braising which won the IACP and the James Beard Foundation awards for best Single Subject cookbook published in 2004.

After several years of freelance work and raising her son, Didi opened The Payne Street Cooking School in Ipswich, Massachusetts. This led her to search for fine, artisanal ingredients for her students to use, especially different types of sea salt, peppercorns, and spices. On a trip to Paris she discovered flavored salt and began creating her own for use in her cooking classes. They were so popular and new, she began to offer her proprietary salt blends, sugar blends, and spice blends for sale.