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Salts by Country

Salt Traders strives to bring you the best sea salts, peppercorns, sugar, and spices from around the world. We source and taste and sniff and crush and taste again premium quality gourmet, finishing, and artisanal products for your experimentation and enjoyment.

Every location produces its own unique style of salt, pepper, sugar, and spice based on several factors. The ingredient itself has its own qualities, but the growing environment bestows its own special touches. Terroir is the word used to describe how soil and climate contribute to an ingredient grown in a specific place. Most often the word is used to describe characteristics in wine, such as the chalky soil and cool climate of the Champagne region in France. That combination (along with the grape variety grown) produces a perfectly crisp, slate-dry wine on the palate. Beyond wine, terroir enriches all food. We all know the flavor of olive oil yet in Italy alone the olive oils are quite different from one another. If you taste Tuscan (peppery), Sicilian (grassy), or Ligurian (buttery) side by side, they are astoundingly different. The olive variety must be factored into the finished product, but terroir plays a huge role. The same is true for sea salts, peppercorns, sugar, and spices.

While soil is the growing medium for peppercorns, sugar, and spice, sea water is the source of salt and believe it or not, it tastes vastly different around the world. Salt has its own terroir with the water source and the weather merging to form our favorite mineral. Add to that the harvesting style of each salt producer and you have a unique and fascinating collection of sea salts with diverse flavors and textures. Yes, NaCl is NaCl, but each spot on the globe assigns a special mark on its sea salt.

All of these factors come to play when we try new products. We look for the best flavors, textures, smells, and harvesting processes when we source.

Come travel and taste the world with us!


            Murray River Pink Salt Flakes

            Australian Mountain Black Pepper


             Saltwest Sweet Smoky Maple Sea Salt

             Saltwest Organic SmokeHouse Peppercorns


            Black Cyprus Sea Salt Flakes

            White Cyprus Sea Salt Flakes


            Danish Viking Smoked Salt


            Afar Salt Pearls


            Cornish Sea Salt

            Maldon Sea Salt

            Maldon Smoked Sea Salt Flakes


            Fleur de Sel

            Grey Sea Salt-Fine

            Grey Sea Salt-Coarse        


            Tellicherry Black Pepper

            Wynad Black Pepper

            Wynad White Pepper


            Bali Fine Grain Sea Salt

            Bali Small Pyramid Sea Salt

            Bali Large Pyramid Sea Salt

            Bali Comet’s Tail Black Peppercorns

            Bali Lampung Black Peppercorns

            Bali Long Pepper

            Bali Muntok White Peppercorns

            Bali Coconut Palm Sugar


           Ittica d’Oro Sicilian Sea Salt          


            Jewel of the Ocean Sea Salt

            Nazuna Sea Salt


            Sarawak Black Pepper

            Sarawak White Pepper


            Himalayan Pink Salt-Fine Grain

            Himalayan Pink Salt-Coarse Grain

            Himalayan Pink Salt Bricks

            Himalayan Pink Salt Plates

            Himalayan Pink Salt Tiles

            Himalayan Pink Salt Rocks

            Himalayan White Salt Rocks

            Himalayan Pink Salt Animal Lick

            Himalayan Brown Salt Animal Lick


            Peruvian Pink Salt


            Pearl Sea Salt

            Sea Salt Flakes

            South African Burgundy Wine Salt Grinder

            South African Gift Pack with 1 Salt and Refill

            South African Gift Pack with 2 Salts and Refills

            South African Gift Pack with 3 Salts

            South African Salt Grinder

            South African Smoked Salt Grinder



                        Alaska Pure Alder Smoked Sea Salt

                        Alaska Pure Sea Salt

                        Alaska Pure Sitka Spruce Tip Sea Salt

                        Alaska Pure Wild Blueberry Sea Salt


                        Black Lava Sea Salt

                        Red Alaea Sea Salt 

                        Blush Alaea Sea Salt

                        Kona Deep Water Sea Salt

                        Guava Wood Smoked Sea Salt

                        Maui White Sugar

                        Maui Gold Sugar


                        Apple Wood Smoked Sea Salt

                        Bay of Fundy Sea Salt

                        Maine Cherry Wood Smoked Sea Salt


                        didi davis food Sea Salt Blends

                        didi davis food Sugar Blends

                        Atlantic Saltworks Flake Salt

                        Cape Cod Saltworks Sea Salt

                        Chile Sea Salt

                        Marblehead Sea Salt

                        Margarita Salt with Chipotle Chile

                        Martha's Vineyard Sea Salt

                        Martha's Vineyard Smoked Sea Salt

                        Smoked Chipotle Sea Salt

                        Sriracha Lime Sea Salt

            South Carolina

                         South Carolina Flake Salt

                         South Carolina Smoked Sea Salt

           West Virginia

                         West Virginia Sea Salt


                         Yellowstone Natural Salt     


            Australia and South Africa

                        Pepper and Pearls