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Wagyu Terroir West Seasoning Salt


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We've got a new idea: blending Wagyu golden oil with salts and spices. And the results are amazing!

Wagyu Terroir West Seasoning Salt marries perfectly Wagyu golden oil to the tastes of the sun-washed, toasted Western prairie. Reminiscent of rich, red clay soil and hints of spice, those flavors and scents are uniquely mirrored in this seasoning salt blend. The blend is made with a diverse mixture of artisanal sea salts from around the globe to add surprising layers of texture. It is then enriched with Wagyu golden oil, enhancing the natural Wagyu flavor reflected in the steers’ diet and terroir.

Ingredients: A blend of various sea salts, smoked salt, paprika, sugar, spices, Wagyu oil.

Use as a finishing salt.

Our favorite pairings and uses for this great blend:

  • Sprinkle on your next steak after cooking, Wagyu if available!
  • Season a beef roast after cooking and resting
  • Enhances roasted or grilled lamb, pork, or poultry
  • Try on grilled fish steaks
  • Season a baked potato, homefries, or potato pancakes
  • Best on French Fries
  • Toss with rice or grains
  • Stir into grilled, sauteed or roasted vegetables

Keep this in the fridge when not using to retain freshness of flavors.

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