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Welcome to Salt Traders

Enjoy our adventurous gourmet sea salts, peppercorns, and sugars harvested by artisans around the globe. Featuring specialty, finishing, flake, sea, flavored, and rare salts ranging from the Fleur de Sel of France, to the White or Black Flake Salt from Cyprus, to our own hand-made salt blends using local sea salt, as well as salts from many other locations.

Also find specialty brands such as Alaska Pure and Maldon. We offer Artisan Himalayan Pink Salt in multiple forms: in bricks, plates, tiles, as well as fine and coarse grain. Our exclusive Danish Viking Smoked Sea Salt is truly an artisan labor of love with 7 different hardwoods used in the smoking process. The products in the Danish Viking Smoked Sea Salt product line are created in a multiple-step process that begins with evaporating seawater and includes a second evaporating process over an open fire with multiple hardwoods in the flames to add flavor to the resulting salt.

We feature peppercorns such as India’s Tellicherry, Indonesia’s Muntok White, Pink, and Szechuan. Szechuan peppercorns are quite unique – they aren’t actually peppercorns, but are the dried berries from the prickly ash tree, and impart a special, spicy flavor that is unlike any other peppercorn.

Additionally, we are the US distributor for the renowned Parameswaran's Special Wynad Pepper, available in black and white. This pepper comes from a family-owned plantation in the Wynad (or Wayanad) District of Kerala, India. These unusual peppercorns are allowed to remain on the vine until the berries have fully ripened and changed color from green to red. Typically, peppercorns are harvested when still green, but Parameswaran’s patience and the extra growing time imparts additional flavor to this particular spice.

Most of our salts are available for wholesale, bulk, and retail sales. Shop at Salt Traders and make your everyday meals extraordinary.

If you’re looking for something special, consider the items in the didi davis food product line. Our small-batch, handmade products in the didi davis food product line include artisan salts, sugars, and spice blends.  We also offer spice collections under the didi davis label as well as popcorn and kettle corn blends to soothe your sweet tooth.

At Salt Traders, we believe that the addition of Artisan Pink Himalayan Salts or those in any of our other gourmet spice product lines can add magic and zest to your food every day.

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